Leather care set A (aniline leather)

Leather care set A (aniline leather)

CHF 55.00

The high-quality KERALUX® Care Set A is the perfect care combination for aniline leather. The application is very simple: The KERALUX® gentle cleaner frees the pores of the leather particularly gently and yet thoroughly from dirt particles. KERALUX® Care Lotion A can then be ideally absorbed. It provides the leather with optimal re-fattening and moisture. The additional light protection offers protection against premature fading of the colour. Enriched with valuable antioxidants, KERALUX® Care Lotion A contributes to the long life of the leather.


The care set is suitable for the following leather:

Leather Sauvage

For all other seetalswiss leather collections we recommend the Care set P for pigmented smooth leather.


Contents care set:

200 ml KERALUX® gentle cleaner
200 ml KERALUX care lotion A
1 cleaning sponge
1 care cloth
1 leather care guide

ATTENTION: The KERALUX care set has been tested on the Seetal chairs. We do not guarantee leather from other manufacturers.