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Our furniture should not only inspire the eye, it should touch your heart. We do not want to sell conventional tables. We want to convey emotions and feelings. Until we are satisfied with our products, we work long and hard on perfection, sampling, development and improvement.

Our tables are equipped with the latest and best quality pull-out functions. With our chairs we focus on particularly high seating comfort with high-quality materials. The living program Combina rounds off our assortment. With its large selection of materials, functions and dimensions, it leaves practically nothing to be desired. The new salon tables give you the opportunity to enjoy the simple and modern design of seetalswissalso in your living room.


We bear responsibility for our environment. Therefore, we place special emphasis on sustainable and, if possible, Swiss materials. Our leathers for the chair range come from European tanneries, the high-quality fabrics are imported mainly from Germany. Most of the wood comes from Europe. The glass plates are delivered from Italy.



We set a sign against today's throwaway trend: our furniture is durable, of the highest quality and will survive several generations!


They are our advertisement! A satisfied customer is the key to success. Do you have questions, operating problems, repairs or complaints: please contact us directly and immediately. We will do our utmost to ensure that you continue to enjoy your furniture.

Customer satisfaction
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At our company headquarters in the beautiful Seetal near the Hallwilersee we are at your disposal for your request. Give us a call or come and visit us directly. We are gladly there for you.


The company seetalswissis managed by the Dössegger family. We have been producing functional and modern Swiss furniture for three generations. We sell our products not only in Switzerland, but also supply large customers in the European region. Of course exclusively through the specialized trade.





Ernst Dössegger Senior (2nd generation) starts with a joiner's workshop/glaziery. In addition, he produced small series of the "farmer buffets", which were much sought-after at that time, which he sold directly to consumers in the surrounding villages.


Ernst Dössegger starts series production of salon and kitchen tables. The combination table "GLÄTTOR" becomes a brand. The double function dining table/ironing table becomes a success. At the MUBA in Basel, the combination table becomes known throughout Switzerland. Production capacity is no longer sufficient, Ernst Dössegger has to outsource many series to other workshops. 


In addition to salon tables, dining tables, chairs and simple living room furniture are added. The son, Hans Dössegger, joins the family business as a trained carpenter.


Hans Dössegger, current managing director, takes over his father's company. In the years 1986 to 1996 a field service with 7 agents is established in Germany, Belgium and Austria. The appearances at the Cologne furniture fair are the annual highlight for the constantly growing team. We serve the upscale specialized trade in the mentioned countries.

The range is supplemented with modern and high-quality pull-out tables. Comfort chairs and variable sideboards are added.


Cooperation with the major Swiss specialist markets is being permanently strengthened.


A large showroom is set up at the Seon plant for end customers and specialist dealers. The number of visitors is rising steadily. The demand for special and custom-made products is increasing.


During this time ROLF BENZ became aware of the innovations of the small Swiss companyseetalswiss. We decided on a joint partnership and withdrew from exports for strategic reasons. The growth creates structural problems internally, so that the management team has to be adapted to the current requirements.


The export is expanded with the partnership by Hülsta in Germany. The number of employees increases to around 40. The second large CNC production centre is purchased. Order and production control is handled by a modern ERP software. A CAD 3D drawing program rounds off the intensive investments. The export share climbs to over 50%, turnover exceeds the 10 million mark. A few golden years follow for seetalswiss.


The financial crisis in 2008 will not go unscathed eitherseetalswiss. The collapse of the EURO and the associated drop in earnings prompted rapid action. Assortments are adjusted and employees are reduced.
The export quota falls steadily and in 2015 still amounts to about 25% of sales.


The release of the EURO-CHF courses means a further reduction in export sales. The cost difference cannot be eliminated fast enough despite the relocation of purchasing to the EU area. ROLF BENZ ends the cooperation with seetalswiss.


The daily focus on customer needs and customer benefits in the table and chair sector keeps the company dynamic. We are committed to valuable and sustainable, aesthetic products. Our team strives to give its best every day. For you, dear customers.


Market launch of the new Softmotion drop-down fitting COBRA.